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Sascha Löbbert
Sascha Löbbert 41 minutes ago
Hallo zusammen! Ich habe mir nun auch das Kit zugelegt und alles installiert. Läuft bis jetzt auch alles prima, allerdings muss ich auch noch ein paar Dinge anschließen und installieren. Miene Frage nun, wie habt ihr die zusätzlichen Sensoren installiert? Bspw. den UV und den Lichtsensor und wo habt ihr, falls installiert, die Feinstaubsensor installiert.
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
purple-bobby 1 day ago
If the I2C interface to the BBAI is not needed the I2C device address jumper can be used for something else, such as to select fan speed.
Fan Cape for BeagleBone AI
Mathew 2 days ago
Hi, I built that preamp and I got on the input of LM837 2MHz sinus. The LT1028 working like oscilator. It doesn't matter if power is coming from battery or transformator. Assuming that missing decoupling capacitors has an impact on oscilation. Looking into supra 2.0 preamp (big schema), every OPA is decoupled and has frequency compensation ( Any idea how to remove oscilation? best regards M. Found the problem. The pcb (brg file) has missing path, sum isnot linked with in of lm837
Supra 2.0 - High End Preamp for Record Player [150616-I]
Alan Rothenbush
Alan Rothenbush 2 days ago
This looks very cool, and I'm going to build one right away. But is it possible to increase the number of inputs?  That is, add an additional analog input and 3 or 4 more digital (switch) inputs? I know I should probably just build a modified version and find out for myself.  But sadly, I'm only a so-so Microchip programmer and know next to nothing about USB (at this level). So if my modded version didn't work, I wouldn't know if it's because I screwed up (the most likely possibility) or because it was never going to work no matter what I did. Any thoughts appreciated. Alan
Analog Joystick to USB interface
techno_69 2 days ago
yes take your time just giving suggestion for improving project nothing else , i already made one(dirty code :/) but had some issues with UTC to local time so i came here while searching on google :)  if we already have RTC connected and its serving time then what's the point of keep writing time at every second to RTC from GPS , add a specific time eg 1-10 min option to keep it accurate yes add available satellite info too Thank you
mini-NTP server with GPS