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CalM_at_Work 5 hours ago
An ATX supply might be a nice option for the station, but also consider that this requieres so care, as some of the ATX supplys don't like running without a given minimum load. Generally it could also be considered to used the power supplies used in the 3d printers as those deliver a good amount of current @12V. The 1.5A Limit was choosen, as the 12V 2A or 1.5A supplies are easy to source for arround 9 or 10 bucks. The 1.5A limit is currently within the software, during the tests inside the LAB we also used it with 3.5A+ to get a bit faster heating time. If you like i put a feature request so that we can add a option to disable the limit, at the users own risk.   But back to the ATX suggestions. Yes you could do power all other goodies with it, but this would be a Benchpowersupply. By the ideas given, why not lets take a cup of our favourite drink an bring ideas down to a list, may we something new, or completly different, like a nice DIY-Benchpowersupply powerd by an ATX power supply, which in return could be used to power the soldering station with requiered amount of current. Best Regards  
180348 DIY soldering station
Jenso 16 hours ago
I dont have the equipment to program the microcontroller. Could someone here help me with that please? Thanks in advance Jens
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JohnHind 23 hours ago
Not sure I take your point. I am not applying for a patent, just suggesting this as a way of economically removing two limitations of this soldering station design (the restriction in the heater power and the lack of tip grounding). It then occured that a soldering station would additionally benefit from some USB power ports for microscopes, LED spotlights, fume extractors, topping up your phone whilst listening to soothing music or following U-Tube instructional videos etc. Your comment is quite ironic because this soldering station project is itself a revisit of an earlier article! If Elektor never revisited projects it had done before, it would be a much thinner magazine!
180348 DIY soldering station
CalM_at_Work 1 day ago
The .hex files have been added for Version 2.7.0
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Daniel Dancopy Fernandes
Daniel Dancopy Fernandes 1 day ago
Hi friend! How can I download the files? Thank you
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