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Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson 7 hours ago
Currently, I am working with Epson Printer and when tries to get connected to wifi it throws an Error of not connected, Is this the Issue relates to Windows or need to reinstall Printer Drivers? I also tried for Epson Printer wifi Connection Problems where I got many more updates relates to Epson Printer but Issue Not resolved yet.
Build your own 3D Printer
Tech Support
Tech Support 15 hours ago
The official 2.5 amp power supply will run that config. You may run out of power if you add a second disk or other high power device. At that stage, you can add a powered hub. For a NAS with two disks, I used a 4 amp USB3 hub. Visit Mac Error Code-36 for instant help regarding How To Fix Mac Error Code-36 Permanently.
Power supply for Raspberry Pi + hard disk [160494]
Elen Walker
Elen Walker 1 day ago
 I am using a wireless router at home. It is working well. A few days ago, I have entered the wrong password after that it was showing a wii error code 51330. It was really irritating. I have taken help from wii error code 51330 teams to resolve the issue. They have resolved it very soon. If you have any issue with the router then you may take help from them.  
Keyboard disguised as USB stick (120583)
Axiris 1 day ago
Due to requests we decided to publish the gerber files for the VFD clock project, see attachments.
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
ClemensValens 2 days ago
The author has unfortunately never posted any source code for this project. The button you refer to gives HTML code to embed in a web page to refer to this web page.
ESP32 - IoT Server & Control Station