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Micro datalogger:

for use with a PC and stand-alone

Micro datalogger:
The micrologger presented here is remarkable because this device, no bigger than a matchbox, is a data logger and voltmeter that can operate fully on its own. In addition, it has an RS232 port for connection to the COM port of a PC. Commands to be executed by the micrologger’s built-in command processor can be entered via the keyboard of the PC, and the measurement result is displayed on the screen of the monitor. After being configured via the PC, the micrologger can be disconnected and used stand-alone. It can store up to 82 10-bit measurement values in EEPROM. Stored measurements are saved even when the power is switched off. After the micrologger has again been connected to the PC, the measurement data can be uploaded and converted into a graphic display, using a spreadsheet program such as KyPlot.
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