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Inexpensive ARM Kit

ARM yourself with a new microcontroller

Inexpensive ARM Kit

Embedded-system designers work in a very dynamic world, and a wide range of products are dependent on their efforts. However, the average embedded-system designer is not so dynamic when it comes to selecting a microcontroller. He tends to remain loyal to a specific type. But for anyone who is considering switching to a modern ARM7 microcontroller, iSystem has put together an inexpensive ARM7 kit.


LPC2138 features

• ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller

• 60 MHz clock rate (using internal PLL)

• 512 kB flash program memory

• 32 kB RAM

• Two 8-channel, 10- bit ADCs (2.44 μs conversion time)

• Two 32-bit timers

• six PWM outputs

• two UARTs

• I2C, SPI and SSP interfaces

• 9 interrupt inputs

• 3.3-V supply voltage

• All I/O lines 5-volt tolerant

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