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Power Outage Detector with Text Messaging

Detects and reports power outages (even short ones)

Power Outage Detector with Text Messaging
Power outages are fairly rare in central Europe, and when they do occur they are usually short. However, if the heating system of your holiday home doesn’t start up again after a power outage, the consequences can be costly. And even if only your freezer at home stops working while you’re on holiday, the stench when you get back can spoil your homecoming. The detector described here detects even short power outages and sends you text message alerts. Note: For 115VAC operation replace R9 by a wire strap.
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Component list

Component List


Default: 1%, 0.1W, 50V, SMD 0603

R1 = 10kΩ

R2 = 110kΩ

R3,R19 = 470Ω

R4 = 43kΩ

R5,R13,R20,R21 = 1kΩ

R6 = NTC 80R B57236S0800M000, Epcos

R7 = 4.7kΩ

R8,R9 = 47kΩ, 5%, 0.6W, 250V, axial leads (for 115VAC operation replace R9 by a wire strap)

R10,R11,R12 = 22Ω

R14,R15 = 100kΩ

R16 = 470kΩ

R17 = 1MΩ



L1 = ACM4520-231-2P-T common-mode filter

L2 = BLM21AJ601SN1D, 10µH / 600Ω at 100MHz, SMD 0805



Default: 50V, ceramic, SMD 0603

C1,C2,C4,C5,C7,C13,C16,C17,C18,C22 = 100nF

C3,C19 = 1000µF 10V, electrolytic, SMD, radial, 8mm diam.

C6,C12 = 100µF 16V, tantalum electrolytic, SMD 2312

C8-C11,C15 = 33pF, C0G/NP0

C14 = 10pF, C0G/NP0

C20,C21 = 1µF 10V



D1 = 1N4007 diode, 1000V/1A

D2 = SMF05CT2G protection diode array

LED1 = yellow, SMD 0805

LED2,LED5 = green, SMD 0805

LED3 = red, SMD 0805

LED4 = orange, SMD 0805

T1 = 2N7002, n-channel MOSFET, SOT-23

IC1 = MIC29302WU TR, low-drop voltage regulator, adjustable

IC2 = ATmega328P-AU, microcontroller, programmed 160372-41

IC3 = CNY65, optocoupler

IC4 = MCP1700T-2802E/TT, low-drop voltage regulator, 2.8V

IC5 = LTC4413, dual fast diode / voltage changeover



MOD1 = AC/DC converter module, 5V/2A (Meanwell IRM-10-5)

MOD2 = Quectel M95 GSM module

X1 = 8MHz ceramic resonator, Murata CSTCC8M00G53-R0

SIM1 = micro SIM card socket, SMD (Molex 78723-1001)

ANT1 = SMA socket, PCB mount (Molex 73391-0070)

Matching GSM antenna with SMA plug (RF Solutions ANT-GHEL2R-SMA)

JP1 = 2-pin pinheader, vertical, 0.1" pitch

Jumper for JP1

F1 = fuse, T, 5×20mm, 315mA (230V) or 620mA (115V)

Fuse holder for F1 (Multicomp MC000827)

Fuse cover for F1 (MC000833) *

K1 = 6-pin (2×3) pinheader, vertical, 0.1" pitch

K2 = 2-way screw terminal block, 630V, 0.3" pitch

BT1 = battery holder for 3× AA cells
Clip for BT1

PCB 160372-1 V2.1

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