4-channel class AB amp from Toshiba

December 13, 2017 | 16:14
4-channel class AB amp from Toshiba
4-channel class AB amp from Toshiba
In January, Toshiba will begin shipping samples of its new four-channel high-performance linear (class AB) power amplifier IC delivering high-quality playback providing up to 4 x 49W outputs. The chip is ideal for car audio applications and boasts high efficiency.

The TCB701FNG has efficiency comparable to class D digital amplifiers. The TCB701FNG's energy consumption is only 10% of comparable, conventional Class AB amplifier designs (under normal operating conditions with output in the range of 0.5 W to 4 W). The overall amplifier cost is lower than equivalent class D amps because no EMI or low pass filtering is necessary.
In addition to high-efficiency and low-noise operation, the IC offers an advanced set of self-diagnostic features that can monitor and report various fault conditions via its I²C bus. These features include sampling the output DC offset in real time to help prevent speaker damage and improve system reliability.

Additional features include high-frequency noise suppression, protection against output cross connection, over/under-voltage, three levels of over-temperature detection, standby/mute control and GSM phone RF noise suppression.
Toshiba's new IC comes in a 36-pin HSSOP package and can be used in power amplifier or line driver mode. The IC operates with a supply voltage of 6 to 18 V to provide four channels at up to 49 W per channel driving 2 Ω speakers. The effective noise voltage at the output is only 60 μVrms.

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