Integrated CMOS HART Modem

June 16, 2014 | 09:38
Integrated CMOS HART Modem
Integrated CMOS HART Modem

On Semiconductor have introduced a highly integrated CMOS modem for applications running the Highway-Addressable, Remote Transducer (HART) communication standard for field instruments and masters. The NCN5193 requires minimal external passive components to provide the functions needed to satisfy HART physical layer requirements including modulation, demodulation, receive filtering, carrier detect, and transmit-signal shaping.

The NCN5193 also has an integrated DAC for low-BOM current loop slave transmitter implementation and employs phase-continuous frequency shift keying (FSK) at 1200 bits per second. To conserve power the receiver circuitry is disabled during transmit operations and vice versa. This meets the requirements of half-duplex operation used in HART communcations.

The product is supported by the NCN5193GEVB evaluation board, which includes all the necessary external components to simplify product familiarization for designers of HART systems.

Typical applications for this device include:

  • HART Multiplexers
  • HART Modem Interfaces
  • 4-20 mA current-loop Powered Transmitters

The NCN5193 comes in a compact 32-pin QFN package, priced at $2.31 USD per unit in quantities of 10,000 units.

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