Accelerometers have found their way into all sorts of applications and devices like your smartwatch, smartphone and tablet, allowing them to automatically wake up or rotate the display. However, not all accelerometers are created equal and the one in your smart device is probably not as precise as the new AXO215.

Developed by Tronics the new sensor is based on the “In-plane Force-rebalance” principle, popular amongst high-precision accelerometer designers. This principle uses a suspended proof mass whose movements are counterbalanced by electrostatic forces (closed-loop operation). The applied voltage needed to create the electrostatic force is directly proportional to the acceleration.

The closed-loop configuration offers non-linearity less than 0.05%. The AXO215 has an input range of 15 g with ultra-low noise of 15 µg/√Hz. The 24-bit digital output is delivered with a bias instability of just 3 µg and an operating vibration resistance of 7.3 g(rms). A fully Arduino M0 compatible evaluation version is available for those who want to have a quick play with it.

Photo: TDK (= Epson = Tronics)