4.5-second to 60 mph, 300 miles range on a 95 kWh battery, crossover SUV — that’s Audi’s newest electric vehicle dubbed e-tron Sportback. The beast is set for production starting in 2019, as part of Audi’s larger strategy to bring at least three fully electric cars to market by 2020 and to have 25% of its overall car lineup equipped with EV batteries by 2025. Audi has already announced the all-electric e-tron quattro, which is promised to come on sale in 2018.

On paper the e-tron Sportback definitely looks like it could compete in many ways with Tesla’s gull-wing luxury electric SUV, the Model X.

Among the futuristic tech touches on the new Audi are strategically positioned cameras that pipe real-time images to displays built into the interior of the car’s doors, giving you a view as to what’s going on all around. Rumour has it there is AI on board to detect a Tesla Model X (or S) tailgate.

Source: techcrunch