A key aspect of quality in electronics manufacture lies with the soldering. Even the best soldering wires and pastes suffer at times with issues around wetting and graping, especially with the tiniest of components. This is a growing issue as designers attempt to shrink complex technology into the smallest volume possible, such as smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

Almit, with over 65 years of commitment to improving soldering, has just launched their NH-GE solder paste at productronica 2023 that tackles these issues, almost solving the issue of graping and the quality issues it causes. Furthermore, NH-GE is also halogen-free, something of value to automotive customers who prefer to avoid the issues that halides can cause over time. Fabian Mendel, Almit's General Manager, also shared that their DB1 soldering wire, introduced at productronica 2021, had been a great success, with customers switching to the new product for both hand and automated soldering. Finally, we learned that the Almit Compendium, almost considered the bible of soldering by industry insiders, will receive an update. Expect version 5.0 sometime in 2024.

Almit launches NH-GE solder paste at productronica 2023