An Electrocardiograph in a business card

March 17, 2016 | 12:00
An Electrocardiograph in a business card
An Electrocardiograph in a business card
If you want someone to remember you, there’s nothing better than an amazing business card! A card that the recipient will want to keep and look at, like this astonishing miniature electrocardiograph, designed and produced (on a small scale) by Peter Isza as a promotion tool, along with other designs he has produced.
In fact this business card, this great idea, is only that, a card. It is neither a “false” electrocardiograph or a true gadget, because the electrocardiogram it displays corresponds only to the pulse of the person who applies his thumbs to the card, and the bipolar signal between the left and right arms is known as the I derivation in the triangle of Einthoven. But one can in effect see the characteristic P,Q,R,S and T waves of an electrocardiogram.

On his blog,the author confirms that the source code of his project is open on github and that he has put his schematic in PDF format open to all, while reminding us that this is in no way a diagnostic tool.

The Android Elektorcardioscope (see product below) published by Elektor is available in 3 articles: (Elektorcardioscope) in the issues of July-August, September and October 2013.
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