- Industrial applications                                  
- Remote control systems / Feedback systems
- Telemetry Systems / monitoring systems      
- FA data transmission
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Excerpt from EN300220-1 V3.1.1 (2017-02)

4.2.5 Receiver Category Description

SRDs are used in a wide range of applications; therefore a range of receiver categories is available with different levels of performance. The performance level chosen is related to the ability of the system to operate in the presence of other signals. For the same application, the equipment level of performance may vary in different operational frequency bands.
The product family of short range radio devices is therefore divided based on receiver categories, see Table 1, each having a set of relevant receiver requirements and minimum performance criteria.
The choice of receiver category should be performed paying particular attention to the risk for interference from other systems operating in the same or adjacent bands, in particular where operation of SRD may have inherent safety of human life implications. Where risk assessment shows that equipment may not function in accordance with its intended use, information to users is to be provided.
The receiver categories are listed in Table 1.
Table 1
1 Category 1 is a high performance level of receiver.
In particular to be used where the operation of a SRD may have inherent safety of human life implications.
1.5 Category 1.5 is an improved performance level of receiver category 2.
2 Category 2 is standard performance level of receiver.
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