Look at this screen capture from a digital microscope. If this Quad Flat Package chip got severely damaged – in this case by a heavy mechanical impact – with 5 pins completely broken off, and if the PCB also took a blow, if a replacement chip is not available, if… if… if… then the question arises whether such a board can be repaired?
Although many of us would probably write it off, this challenging task is the start situation in an amazing video. Amazing... because the chip is the main component of a hard disk drive! Fortunately, no important data was stored on it, so no hard feelings should the repair fail! And actually, there's no real need to repair, just the urge induced by the challenge.
Since this author uploads his videos regardless of failure or success, we don’t know the outcome when the video starts. In his words: "successful repairs are not the only repairs that we can learn something from".