Crash and laugh: the Lego drone

October 3, 2016 | 08:00
Crash and laugh: the Lego drone
Crash and laugh: the Lego drone
Flying a drone is fun, but building one is rewarding, and it isn't just for hardware nerds and drone racers anymore. The new Flybrix kit, designed by a bunch of MIT, Caltech, and UW Madison alumni, lets anyone get in on the fun of designing and building a multi-prop flier by using Lego as the foundation.

The kits, which start at $150, come with everything you need to make a craft that can actually fly: propeller arms, a motor, a battery, and a chip to control it all. The cheapest pack has you use your smartphone as a Bluetooth controller, though the deluxe $190 kit comes with a more traditional dual-stick controller.

The best part, aside from getting to build your own drone, is probably the incredible crashability of these things. Since they're modular and made out of Legos, there's not much chance of real, lasting damage in a crash. That means you're free to explore all kinds of barely-airworthy designs as well as ill-advised flying techniques.

Flybrix are available now, at a temporarily low introductory price.
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