The miniaturization of components not only enables new dimensions of integration possibilities, but also opens up an unexplored world of innovative ideas for rethinking wellbeing and health. The world's smallest flow sensor creates space for revolutionary inventions. Sensirion's SDP3x differential pressure sensor measures only 5 mm x 8 mm x 5mm and offers superior sensitivity.

The sensor is the perfect choice for challenging applications such as Aō Air's Facewear Atmōs. The recent fires in Australia, continued air pollution problems across the world or the impacts of COVID19 have highlighted the issues with traditional air filtration masks. Aō Air's innovative respiratory protection seeks to address the problems of the mask directly and brings clean air into fashion with a fan-based system that allows air to circulate comfortably and safely filters it before delivery. The patented technology can protect the user from 98% of all PM2.5. The user's comfort is significantly increased by the integration of Sensirion's SDP3x differential pressure sensor.

However, the sensor can also be used in a variety of other ways and is the ideal choice for highly demanding applications such as wellbeing wearables, portable medical devices, drones and robots. Sensirion creates space for your ideas. Get inspiration from the world's smallest flow sensor and revolutionize your flow measurement.