Hi, I’m Crowbot BOLT, an open source smart programming car powered by an ESP32 chip. I’m a new member in Elecrow STEAM education family. I can do a lot of things like tracking, light following and singing, and I am a smart car like Bolt the dog in the movie. Personally, I think I’m more intelligent than that white shepherd for I can really teach you how to program. Come on, Let’s show you what I can do.
Crowbot Bolt
The first thing you should do when I arrived your home is to assemble my body. During the assembling process, you can learn how I am designed and l am happy to see my body being shaped step by step.
I have various sensors embedded in my body, photosensitive sensors, line patrol sensors, ultrasonic sensors... These sensors ensure a variety of operating modes, greatly meet kid’s creative needs, and lead them to easily understand electronic, mechanical principles and other knowledge in the process of creation. I have Wifi and Bluetooth functions, which can meet a variety of programming environments like Letscode, Micropython, and Arduino. I can quickly realize functions such as light tracking, line tracking, obstacle avoidance, remote control, and light show. 
The coolest thing I can do is that I can make robot programming learning and teaching easy and fun since I am an STEAM educational robot. It comes with 16 lessons in three languages (Letscode, Arduino, MicroPython), provides rich graphical programming, and allows programming beginners to learn to program in the fun of creativity. I also have 2 expansion interfaces, which can be expanded and used with 150+ kinds of Crowtail modules.
Another cool thing is that my eyes can radiate four laser beams. When using a flashlight to shine in front of me, I can distinguish the moving direction according to the light intensity. I like chasing these beams of light and play with them.
light chasing
music playing

I adopted ESP32-wrover-b as the main chip and reserved the Crowtail interface, which can connect various modules of Crowtail and other expansion boards to realize various play modes.
CrowBot Bolt
I have two good friends, Joystick and an infrared remote control. They can both control me easily, even from a very far distance. I will show you how they work:
CrowBot Bolt Details
Crowbot Bolt Details
Am I not a creative smart car? I can’t wait to join your family!

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