Deal-setting is probably one of the most nerve-racking things a startup founder will experience when building a company. Negotiating the future of your company can seem quite daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. And it's particularly daunting if you're a female founder.
A recent headline from Entrepreneur magazine:
"Out of $85 Billion in VC funding last year (2018), Only 2.2 percent went to female founders. And every year, women of color get less than 1 percent of total funding."
So, this time we take you through the whole process, and we feature an all-female cast: two tech entrepreneurs in different stages of development, one investor, one attorney and a moderator.
What do the terms “anti-dilution clause,” “pre-emptive and preference rights,” or “protective provisions” mean? We have all the jargon and clauses covered for you!
Observe an experienced venture capitalist negotiate the terms of an early-stage financing deal with a successful entrepreneur and her well-versed legal advisor.
It’s an event not to be missed, not only for female entrepreneurs who are currently in the process of raising a financing round, but for everyone who is interested in diving deeper into the world of venture capital.
DealMaker has been a free event in the past, but this time, there is a €20 entrance fee. All proceeds go to Codam, a free, full-time programming college based in Amsterdam (see more info. below).
Moderator: Betsy Lindsey, CFO Aircision, and Advisor, HighTechXL
Investor: Janneke Niessen, Co-founder CapitalT
Entrepreneur: Carmen van Vilsteren, former CEO Microsure
Entrepreneur: Menke Steenbergen, CEO IPOS Technology
Attorney: Susan A.M. ten Haaf, Partner | Lawyer | HVG Law LLP (part of EY Law) | Corporate/M&A

Date & Time:
13 November 2019
Conference Center High Tech Campus
5656 AE Eindhoven
More information:
*About Codam: At Codam, based in the heart of Amsterdam, you can learn to program like a pro in 3-1/2 years. There are no teachers, no books, and no classrooms. Students learn from their own research and from each other. Everything students create is their property. Codam is open to everyone, but they make certain student membership is at least 40% female.