Discover the New audioXpress Website

May 26, 2014 | 11:51
Discover the New audioXpress Website
Discover the New audioXpress Website

A New House for audioXpress!

Apart from Elektor, Elektor International Media (EIM) also publishes electrical engineering-focused Circuit Cellar magazine, as well as two audio-oriented titles: audioXpress and Voice Coil. The latter is a periodical for the loudspeaker industry. audioXpress features content for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike: innovations in audio, audio electronics, and the best in DIY audio.

Our 2013 redesign, refocus, and relaunch of audioXpress magazine was the first step in a larger plan to bring the publication into the digital era. Our ultimate goal was to develop a complete web platform for the audio community that would reflect a range of activities and also launch online versions of our Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) and World Tube Directory publications.

For the new website, our plan was to incorporate industry and product news with blog posts, interviews, magazine articles, project articles, reviews, and theory articles. As is typically the case with such initiatives, our project rapidly grew in size and scope, and we ultimately had to design a new platform from scratch to accommodate all our ambitions and team requests.

On Wednesday, May 21, we finally decided it was time to bring live, even though there was still work to do and not every item on our wish list was ticked off. In the last few days EIM has been working hard to complete the project.

First and foremost, the new online platform is dynamic and ideally formatted to be viewed on any device, at different resolutions and screen sizes.

Secondly, it connects our members/subscribers with our dedicated team, while linking with social media services at every imaginable level.

Finally, our new platform addresses the market on a global scale, and the information needs of the audio community in general, by serving an unlimited audience.

We invite Elektor readers interested in all things audio to discover audioXpress, read about the latest audio innovations, learn about the latest technologies in audio electronics, and find interesting reads about DIY audio.

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J. Martins

audioXpress Editor-in-chief

Elektor International Media


Advancing the Evolution of Audio Technology

Combining great articles, projects, tips and techniques for producing the best in quality audio, audioXpress connects manufacturers and distributors with audio engineers and enthusiasts eager for innovative solutions in sound, acoustic and electronics.

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