We’ve teamed up with Mouser Electronics to help promote the new Intel Galileo Board – in the form of a FREE poster!


Galileo is a microcontroller board based on the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor, a 32-bit Intel Pentium-class system on a chip. It’s the first board based on Intel architecture designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino shields designed for the Uno R3 (Arduino 1.0 pin-out). Of course, the Galileo board is also software compatible with the Arduino Software Development Environment (IDE).


The poster we’ve created displays comprehensive technical information regarding the Galileo Board, including pin-outs, microcontrollers used, and connectivity. All information is presented in an easy-to-read and aesthetically pleasing design, making it the perfect decoration for any workspace, laboratory or classroom.


The poster can be printed at DIN A2 size (420 x 595 mm).