Look Ma, No Pilot

May 7, 2015 | 15:35
Photo: © flickr.com/31016277@N08
Photo: © flickr.com/31016277@N08
A few years ago, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones, to Joe public) were simply not available to everyone. Undoubtedly useful for many tasks, these devices have turned out to be so popular that pretty soon we will spot them flying wherever we look, just you wait and see! The technology necessary for these aircraft is obviously an interesting subject for anyone into electronics, and here at Elektor we’ve already been keeping a close eye on their development for a long time.

The Elektor Drone Team, commanded by the journalist and photographer Dré de Man, is now working hard on our latest upcoming special. As you can imagine, since drones are all the rage, the amount of material and information is getting massive. However, external input is always more than welcome, and we’re sure you have something to share. Would you like to take part in this special issue? Let us know! Send your comments, insights, suggestions or personal projects to Dré: dre.deman@eimworld.com

Stay tuned, we’ll be flying high in no time…
Fasten your seatbelts… No, wait, just grab the remote control!
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