Eco Project Cases

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Eco Project Cases
Eco Project Cases

OKW Enclosures Ltd has launched a range of eco-friendly project cases constructed from a carbon-neutral, biodegradable bioplastic called Biograde.


These rather stylish cases are available in four standard sizes ranging from 51x82x14 to 92x150x28 mm. The three larger enclosures have optional battery compartments for four AA, AAA or a 9 V battery.


The supplier stated that “For most applications this bioplastic material is suitable as a replacement for the existing fossil plastics, such as ABS, which has been used until now”. For indoor applications there are no restrictions to the life cycle of the enclosure.


At the end of the products lifetime it is anticipated that the bioplastic will be crushed and then broken down to its non-toxic initial components by the action of micro-organisms. Incineration of the product would also be a carbon-neutral process.


Typical applications include modern high value electronic devices such as portable instruments, medical and wellness devices, mobile data logging and data capture equipment.
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