To express our gratitude for your warm support for the giveaway activity we've hosted recently, Elecrow has conducted an autumn promotion in acrylic laser cutting and 3D printing on September 19th. More products will be waiting to meet you and related services will be provided. Stay tuned.

Acrylic Price On Sale

The price of 2mm Transparent Acrylic dropped from $5.5 to $3.3.
The price of 3mm Transparent Acrylic dropped from $6.5 to $4.8.
Elecrow Acrylic Laser Cutting
Add your Acrylic File on Elecrow Laser Cutting Page. If you have any other special requirements, kindly contact our customer service:
Elecrow laser cutting service can provide you with various Acrylic colors which include transparent, black, purple, white, blue, green, red and yellow, etc. You can design your favorite Acrylic products that upload your files to our website or custom dozes of Acrylic products with this service.

Cheaper 3D Printing Material

The price of Photosensitive resin(domestic 9400) for 3D printing starts from $20 $10.
Cheaper 3D Printing Material
Upload your STL File for 3D printing on Elecrow 3D Printing Service page,and you will receive our instant quote.
Photosensitive Resin is the most commonly used 3D printing material for its low viscosity, fast curing rate, high light sensitivity and high wet state strength. Start your 3D printing journey from here!

Acrylic/3D Printing Elecrow Giveaway with the order

Every customer placed an acrylic order will receive an acrylic Elecrow logo for free.
Every customer ordered 3D printing services will get a photosensitive resin(domestic 9400) Elecrow logo for free.
Elecrow Autumn Promotion