Aachen, Germany — June 5, 2020 — Elektor International Media announced today new engineering resources for electronics innovators and enthusiasts. Engineers around the world can freely access the June 2020 “Sensors & Measurement” edition of Elektor Industry magazine, as well as an upcoming webinar on the topics of sensor technologies, RF solutions, and 5G. Elektor is offering the magazine download and the webinar as part of its recently launched “Elektor Helps” initiative, which aims to assist, inform, and inspire innovators during these challenging times. 
Elektor Helps with engineering resources

Online Engineering Resources 

The June 2020 edition of Elektor Industry magazine covers a wide variety of content, including 5G in industrial automation, signal generators, barometric pressure sensors, the simultaneous mapping of wide temperature ranges, essential measurement tools, and more. Engineers interested in sensors and measurement solutions can freely download an English or German edition of the magazine.

Designers interested in exploring the topics of sensors and measurement even more are invited to attend a free Elektor webinar in late June 2020. Clemens Valens, Elektor Labs’s Technical Manager, will moderate a discussion with industry thought leaders such as RF expert and Alciom CEO Robert Lacoste and others. Attendees will have an opportunity participate in a live Q&A session. Registration will open soon. 

The Elektor Helps Initiative

"Engineers and electronic enthusiasts have always preferred remote learning, and the current COVID-19 situation only reinforces that. Books and magazines continue to score high, also according to the IEEE Pulse of Engineering Survey, where books score highest as source of knowledge and advancing skills. Online this translates into webinars, white papers, and e-books," says Erik Jansen, Vice Managing Director of Elektor International Media. “In order to support our community, the industry, but also the many great projects we see coming to life in these times, we started the Elektor Helps initiative. Within it, we offer our reach, our content, and our platform to those who can best use it. The current free edition of Elektor Industry and its upcoming webinar are a nice example of how we seek to engage the electronics community and spark further innovation and sharing.” 
Elektor Helps

In the face of the Covid-19 crisis, Elektor’s digital solutions are well suited to deliver informative content to engineers working and learning remotely. The company’s online E-Zine and its recently revamped ElektorMagazine.com website offer users fast and easy access to electrical engineering projects, tutorials reviews, and news on their computers and mobile devices. Contact Elektor for more information about the Elektor Helps initiative or for details about our various publications and products.

About Elektor

Elektor is an international source of essential electrical engineering resources and solutions for engineers, pro makers, startups, and the companies seeking to engage them. We helped launch the first electronics maker movement in the 1960s. Since then, our global electronics design community has expanded to include hundreds of thousands of devoted members and more than 1,000 technical experts. And we are growing every day as we inspire new members to design, share, and sell electronics.
Elektor International Media publishes Elektor magazine (English, German, Dutch, and French editions), Elektor Industry magazine (English, German, and Dutch editions), MagPi magazine (Dutch and French editions), Make: magazine (Dutch edition), and the Elektor E-Zine (English, German, Dutch, and French editions). Elektor sells a wide variety electronics-related books, components, and engineering equipment via the Elektor Shop, as well as kits and modules developed by Elektor’s Aachen, Germany-based electrical engineering team.