Elektor Business Magazine (EBM) offers innovators, electronics engineers and startup companies, essential information and insights into the latest products, research and intelligence from the industry. EBM Edition 4 / 2017 for August & September has a focus on LEDs, Drivers & Displays
Among the industry-supplied articles are established names like Analog Devices, Eye Lighting International, Texas Instruments, Maxim Integrated, LumiLEDs and LED Engin, all contributing to your knowledge base. Plus you’ll find fresh instalments of all the EBM regulars like JumpStart, Infographics, Operation Marketing Business Store, and Talking Heads.

In this edition:

How to Retrofit Historical or Unique Lighting Fixtures When Upgrading to LED Technology
The lighting source for city streets has changed many times since its inception in the late 1800s. The original natural gas source for outdoor lighting has since evolved to incandescent, mercury, high pressure sodium, metal-halide and now to LED. In fact, an LED retrofit is in many communities’ plans now for upgrading lighting.

Low Cost, Single Inductor Non-Isolated AC/DC LED Driver Design using TPS92314A
This application report describes how to design a non-isolated AC/DC buck LED driver with an integrated PFC control using the TPS92314A from Texas Instruments. This application report includes schematics, switch node waveforms and test results to help the user better understand how to retain a very tight line and load regulation when applying the IC as a buck regulator with the help of external add-on circuitry that modifies the control equation of the TPS92314A. In this way, tighter line and load regulation specifications required by certain applications can be met.

A Guide to Tuneable White Light
The lighting industry has never had so much flexibility to control and fi ne-tune the characteristics of light emitted from luminaires. Incandescent and compact fluorescent lights have typically been offered in only one or two variants: cool white or warm white — take it or leave it. The arrival of LEDs for interior and exterior lighting applications has changed everything. Tuneable white LEDs provide a multitude of opportunities to explore the intensity and hues of white light.

Electrowetting Display Technology
Advertisement on digital out of home displays becomes financially more and more attractive. Light pollution and energy consumption prohibit that LED displays become as abundant as “paper”. Electrowetting displays can fulfil that role, because of their highly reflective performance. Etulipa Carbon is the first electrowetting product going to market that successfully passes all perception tests on readability under all outdoor conditions.

Optimizing Precision Photodiode Sensor Circuit Design
The focus of this article is to help solve some key design issues when using photodiodes for precision measurements. It discusses how to interface photodiodes with current-tovoltage amplifiers, and ADCs, and how to use programmable gains for applications which require a very high dynamic range.

Evaluating the Lifetime Behaviour of LED Systems
One of the strongest propositions of power Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is their long lumen maintenance – their ability to continue producing light output for many years of use, in contrast to most conventional light sources, which force users to go through repeated and frequent failure-and-replacement cycles. The market perception of an LED’s reliability is reinforced by the widespread practice among lighting manufacturers of offering long warranties on their LED luminaires.

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