Elektor Business Magazine 6/2017 – exclusive download for our members

November 7, 2017 | 00:00
Elektor Business Magazine 6/2017 – exclusive download for our members
Elektor Business Magazine 6/2017 – exclusive download for our members
Elektor Business Magazine (EBM) offers innovators, electronics engineers and startup companies essential information and insights into the latest products, research and intelligence from the industry. EBM Edition 6/2017 for November and December has a focus on Production Methods and Components, and is a special edition for the productronica 2017 show in München from 14 – 17 November. 
In good tradition EBM includes regulars like Our Business (in this edition: Factronix), Jumpstart, Infographics and Operation Marketing. Among the industry-supplied articles are established names like Atmel, Daimler, JST Manufacturing, kurtz-ersa, Sunstone, Mentor Graphics and Eurocircuits, all contributing to your knowledge base.

From the contents:

7 Design Aspects of IoT PCB Designs
Designing electronic products with IoT capabilities is no longer the exception, it is the rule. IoT technology not only opens up numerous new product categories of electronic devices, it drives innovators to rethink the ways that consumers interact with traditional tech-less products. From Makers to start-up companies and beyond, the opportunities to invent new tech devices and reinvent existing products with IoT capabilities are seemingly endless.

Remote Diode Conditioning ICs
This article discusses the benefits, limitations and cost effectiveness of remote diode temperature monitoring ICs versus other traditional temperature sensing technologies such as silicon ambient temperature sensor ICs, thermistors, resistive thermal detectors (RTDs) and thermocouples.

Front-end Data Preparation
This article explains the front-end engineering process that we use at Eurocircuits. All PCB fabricators carry out broadly similar operations even if they give them different names. We have included our own names for the various stages, so that if you are a Eurocircuits user you can follow the progress of your job through our front-end engineering process.

Conductive Inks: Never Ceasing to Adapt
Cast your mind back a few years and you will find a conductive ink business that appeared very mature and slow moving. The boom years of the photovoltaic industry were ending, the dominant big suppliers seem well entrenched, and the technology was, at best, only incrementally improving, with new technologies such as nanoparticle inks failing to get traction. Then everything began to change.

Digital Manufacturing Powers a Better Way to Build Trucks
For Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), success isn’t just about controlling costs. It’s about building an agile company that can deliver exactly what the market demands. DTNA, a Daimler company, is the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America and a leading producer of medium-duty trucks and specialized commercial vehicles. Recently, its Portland Oregon manufacturing facility underwent a complete ‘IoT/Industry 4.0’ overhaul.

Long-lasting, Space-saving Temperature Sensor Solution for Power Electronic ICs
Ever smaller, ever more powerful, ever-new areas of application: in power electronics, the requirements for materials used are continually increasing. Tiny platinum temperature sensors from Heraeus play an important role in optimizing the management of heat generated by new power electronic chips.

‘Dialling-In’ Wet Processing Parameters
Companies, makers and start-ups using microfabrication can gain important benefits by using wet processing equipment designed to handle a variety of application parameters.

Board Rework with High-End Soldering Stations
Demands on the precision and quality of the end products are continuously rising. Successful rework of electronic assemblies, with high-quality and long-life results, can only be achieved when the equipment used convinces with its quality and technology. Using as an example a multi-channel soldering- and desoldering station, this article shows which characteristics such a tool should possess for it to be successfully usable in daily operation.

@ the Bits & Pretzels Show
We've all had that moment; frustrated by what should have been a simple and routine task, our mind considers how we might improve on the situation. Some may consider that, to have improved one's own situation is enough. But there are others, those with a little vision, entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to improve society, that take the bold stride into the world of the start-up.

New Compiler Challenges: Optimizing for ADAS Applications
When planning a compiler technology roadmap, you will inevitably touch the issue of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which all major OEMs and software suppliers of the automotive industry are committed to. A closer look, though, will raise some questions: What requirements are placed on compilers and toolsets by ADAS applications? Are these things related at all? What are the differences between traditional automotive applications and ADAS applications?

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About Elektor Business Magazine (EBM)
EBM aims to establish a busy bidirectional link between the electronics industry and research institutions on the one hand and ambitious hardware and software developers in homelabs, startups and spinouts on the other. In fact the magazine is in place wherever solid guidance is required on a journey of high-tech inspiration. EBM appears synchronously in English and German and is supplied free to Elektor Magazine GOLD members within Europe in print, and as a pdf download to Elektor GREEN and GOLD members. The magazine is also on free, promotional distribution at selected trade shows including productronica (Munich), electronica (Munich), and embedded world (Nuremberg).

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EBM Edition 6/2017 for November and December has a focus on Production Methods and Components, and is a special edition for the productronica 2017 show in München from 14 – 17 November.
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