Elektor February 2012 issue now on sale

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor February 2012 issue now on sale
Elektor February 2012 issue now on sale

Electronics enthusiasts spend a lot of time tinkering. When this tinkering results in a new working circuit a prototype is born. Prototyping, as this process is called when you tinker at work, is an important aspect of electronics development and many tools are available to make it easier and faster. In the February issue of Elektor you will find a number of articles on such tools that allow you to tinker, I mean, to prototype better or faster.

Prototyping also involves measuring a lot and good instruments are needed. In the April 2011 issue we published a Pico C, a high quality capacitance meter capable of measuring tiny capacitances. In this issue we extend the functionality of this excellent instrument.


Once you’ve upgraded your Pico C meter to Plus or Super be sure to have a look at the Andropod. This is yet another of those innovating Elektor projects that we know you love. Add a high quality graphical and touch interface to your electronics projects by integrating your Android phone or tablet!


Here is the table of contents for this issue:


  • DesignSpark chipKIT Design Challenge
  • From Breadboard to PCB
  • AndroPod (1)
  • Pico C-Plus and Pico C-Super
  • .Net-MF for Electronics Engineers
  • Wideband Lambda Probe Interface (2)
  • PicoScope 2205-MSO Grilled
  • Eclipse Sensor
  • E-Labs Inside section
  • Electronics for Starters (2)
  • Audio DSP Course (8)
  • A Benchmark for Microcontroller Development Kits
  • Emergency Generator Load Meter
  • Bit-banging the FTDI-USB Module
  • ROBBI the Robot
  • Hexadoku
  • Retronics: Elektor ‘Consonant’ Control Preamplifier (1978)
  • Gerard's Columns: The Money Dance


The February 2012 issue is on sale now in our webshop and in your local bookshop or newsstand.

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