Elektor Industry: Embedded Technology and Tools
While 2020 seemingly started like any other decade, by March it was clear that the year was to be like no other in living memory. Efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus resulted in massive changes to work and home life. Places of work closed, the kitchen table became the new office, and parents assumed the additional role of teacher. In the August 2020 edition of Elektor Industry magazine ("Embedded Technology and Tools"), we look at the impact of COVID-19 for professional development, in addition to some of the innovative embedded technologies and tools on the market. This edition is free to download

Inside the "Embedded Technology and Tools" Edition

How has COVID-19 impacted professional development? How are start-ups dealing with challenges of the crisis? Interested in SMARC technology? Need a flex PCB? Want to know more about converters for photovoltaic panels? The August 2020 edition of Elektor Industry magazine addresses these questions and more. Let's take a look inside. 
  • "Facts and figures: Embedded Technology & Tools"
  • "Using the Impact of Covid-19 for Professional Development" (Stuart Cording, Elektor)
  • "Converters for Photovoltaic Panels" (Transfer Multisort Elektronik)
  • "A 3.5-inch Carrier Board for i.MX 8 SMARC Modules" (Martin Danzer, congatec)
  • "Qoitech Looks to Solve Battery Power-Related Problems for Developers" (C. J. Abate, Elektor)
  • "Start-Up Innovation at NovaUCD: Interview with Tom Flanagan" (Elektor)
  • "How to Order a Flex PCB from PCBWay" (Yahya, atadiat.com)
  • "FROLIC Studio’s Cofounder on Product Design in Challenging Times" (C. J. Abate, Elektor) 

Elektor Helps

This free "Embedded Technology and Tools" edition of Elektor Industry is available as part of the Elektor Helps initiative. The COVID-19 crisis has affected electrical engineers, academics, students, and companies in many ways. Under the label of "Elektor Helps," we have opened up our platforms to assist and support members of the global electronics community. Learn more