ElektorLabs Magazine 5/2018 now on sale -- print or pdf download

August 21, 2018 | 00:00
ElektorLabs Magazine 5/2018 now on sale -- print or pdf download
ElektorLabs Magazine 5/2018 now on sale -- print or pdf download
Depending on their location, Elektor GOLD members may already have received their copy of ElektorLabs Magazine edition 5/2018 covering September and October. As of edition 4/2018 (July & August) ElektorLabs Magazine is the successor title to Elektor Magazine.
This news item is to announce that the new edition is also available for non-members to purchase. You can either choose to get your copy in print, posted directly to your door completely free of charge, or purchase the digital edition (PDF). Since 2014 Elektor Magazine is not available any more from bookstores or kiosks.

The contents in order of page number:

Find It!
Using 2.4 GHz to determine distance and direction to your lost item

‘Top’ Stencil on the Top

Power Outage Detector with Text Messaging
Detects and reports power outages (even short ones)

The Elektor Board Games

Sinusoidal FM LF Amplifier
Analogue is not dead

Spectrum Analyser Shootout
Plenty of performance for pretty modest outlay

The ESP32 Pico Discovery Board
Experimenting made simple

Elektor Labs Pipeline

Last Call!
Do you have a great business idea? Join our Start-Up and Prototype Contest

Q & A
(almost) everything you ever wanted to know about… buying second hand test equipment

Connected Cocktail Machine
Grand Prize winner of the Elektor/Espressif ESP32 contest

Improve Relay Efficiency
… and reduce energy losses

Ham Radio 2018 and The Bodensee Maker Faire
A tour of this event held beside idyllic Lake Constance

Electronics and the Senses
Elektor Store Highlights

PWM Digital to Analogue Converter
An IC with a PWM input and an analogue output

Self-calibrating Frequency Meter
No alignment necessary

ESP8266 Web Server for NeoPixel LED Strips
Driving WS2812 chips with the ESP-01

Hardware Design using (V)HDL (1)
First steps with Quartus and ModelSim

LED Dimmers (1)
...old-fashioned analogue

Phantom Power Supply using Switched Capacitors
Voltage tripler using three ICs

Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (2)
Digital data transmissions on the short waves

Nostalgic LED Clock
74xx around the clock

HangTux Mk. 2
Hangman on the Raspberry Pi

Gunn Diodes
Peculiar Parts, the series

Rain Detector
different from the norm

Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles

Special Quality (SQ) Tubes
The pinnacle of tube technology

Trust in the Smart City
How Amsterdam is working on a trustworthy algorithm

The Original Elektorized Sudoku

Elektor GOLD and GREEN Members are entitled to download the completely identical online version, front to back i.e. all 116 pages, here.
An Elektor Membership is required to download individual articles.

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