Embedded and AI-related technologies and solutions are key components of many of the designs we work on as professionals and makers. Embedded tech and related AI capabilities enhance home automation implementations, IIoT systems, robotic products, and consumer electronics. In the March/April edition, we dive into a wide range of relevant projects and topics, including machine learning with the Jetson Nano, FPGA programming, the Zephyr RTOS, image recognition with Edge Impulse, and object detection with Raspberry Pi. Take a look.
Elektor march april 2024 cover full - Embedded & AI
Elektor March/April 2024: Embedded & AI
Editor’s note: Will you attend embedded world 2024 in April? Visit Elektor at booth 5-181. If you can’t attend, we will livestream Elektor Lab Talk on April 10.  

Inside Elektor March/April 2024: Embedded & AI

The current issue of Elektor is packed with DIY electronics projects and engineering insights. Let’s take a closer look at all the exciting content in the March/April edition of the magazine.
Elektor march april 2024 TOC.png
Elektor March/April 2024 Table of Contents
  • A Smart Object Counter: Image Recognition Made Easy with Edge Impulse
  • ESP32 Terminal: A Handheld Device with a Touch-Capable Display
  • Getting Started With the Zephyr RTOS: As Powerful as It Is Hard to Master
  • FPGAs for Beginners: The Path From MCU to FPGA Programming
  • CaptureCount: An Object Detector and Counter on the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Bluetooth LE with MAUI: Control Apps for Android & Co.
  • 2024 An AI Odyssey: First Forays Into TensorFlow
CaptureCount project
CaptureCount running on a Raspberry Pi 5
  • AI Specialist: Machine Learning with the Jetson Nano
  • ESP32-to-RS-232 Adapter: A Wireless Link for Classic Test Equipment
  • Resolve Your Trickiest Embedded Development Challenges
  • Get Your (Brushed DC) Motor Running: Sample Projects from the Elektor Motor Control Development Bundle
  • ESP Library Recommendations
  • Voltage Reference With the Arduino Pro Mini: Linearize and Calibrate Your Analog Inputs
  • Port-Expanding Breakout Board: Increase the Number of I/Os on Your Dev Board
ESP32 terminal
ESP32 terminal
  • STM32 Wireless Innovation Design Contest 2024: An Update
  • Ethics in Electronics: CTO Alexander Gerfer of Würth Elektronik eiSos
  • Project in Brief: 262,144 Ways to Play The Game of Life
  • From Life’s Experience: The Chinese Dragon
  • Starting Out in Electronics: More About Opamps
  • Err-lectronics: Corrections, Updates, and Readers’ Letters
  • Peculiar Parts: Piezoelectric Devices

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