Machine learning has been a hot topic in 2021, which is why we have addressed the subject with a few articles in the last two editions of Elektor. In the November/December edition, we wrap up the year with new articles on the subject: “Image Processing with the Nvidia Jetson Nano” and “Understanding the Neurons in Neural Networks.” In the former, we dive into image recognition with Edge Impulse. In the neural network article, we cover logical neurons and explain how to teach a neural network how logic gates function. Of course, we also cover several other interesting topics, including an open-source GPS tracking platform and Modbus over WLAN. Let’s take a look.
Elektor November/December 2021
Elektor November/December 2021

Inside the November/December 2021 Edition

Here is what you will find in the current edition of Elektor.
Elektor Nov/Dec 2021 Table of Contents

  • Image Processing with the Nvidia Jetson Nano (Part 2): Image Recognition Using Edge Impulse
  • An Open-Source GPS Tracking Platform: Traccar Maps Vehicle Tracking Without the Need for a Third-Party Cloud Server
  • Noise Synthesizer: From Noise to Music with the PRBSynth1
  • Issues with Security? Fight Fire with Fire: Flashbulb-Protected Analogue Memory Add-on For the Tamper-Evident Box
  • New LCR Meter 50 Hz - 2 MHz: The Jumpstarter Project at a Glance!
  • EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 2): The Hardware and How to Use It
  • Modbus Over WLAN (Part 1): Hardware and Programming
  • Build Your Own High-Precision Calibrator: -10 V to +10 V, 0 to 40 mA, 0.001%
  • CO2  Meter Kit for the Classroom: An ESP8266-Based Device from the Univ. of Applied Sciences Aachen
  • Nostalgic MK484 MW/LW Radio: Always Fun to Build
  • Joy-IT LCR-T7 Multi-Function Tester: Testing Passives, Discrete Semiconductors and IR Remote Controls
  • Understanding the Neurons in Neural Networks (Part 2): Logical Neurons
  • Bluetooth Beacons in Practice: Beacons Light the Way Ahead
  • C Programming on Raspberry Pi: Communicating Over Wi-Fi (Book Sample Chapter)
  • Hands On the Parallax Propeller 2 (Part 5): Inside the Smart Pin
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect: Raspberry Pi RP2040 + Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Create GUIs with Python: Introducing guizero
  • Elektor @ 60: Let There Be Light!
  • Elektor Jumpstarter News: Upcoming Campaigns
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Easier than Imagined! ... Continuing with the Coil
  • HomeLab Tours: Where the Junior Computer Is Brought to Life Again
  • The Physical Body of Artificial Intelligence

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