Elektor has been publishing wireless-related articles and projects for decades. In the September/October edition, we cover the some of the most important wireless solutions of our time: Bluetooth Low Energy, remote sensing, 5G, and more. As you read the September/October issue, be sure to share your thoughts with our engineers and editors.  

Inside the Sep/Oct 2022 Edition

The September/October edition features in-depth articles about several interesting topics, from wireless applications to audio measurement. Take look. 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy with ESP32-C3 and ESP32: You Don’t Always Need to Choose Wi-Fi!
  • Sending Data to Telegram: Get It Done with an ESP32 and a Few Parts
  • Remote Sensing with Connection Loss Detection: Using nRF24L01+ Modules
  • Digital FM Receiver with Arduino and TEA5767: Stayed Tuned with an Arduino Nano
  • 5G Just for Me: Gaining Complete Control of 5G Deployments with Private Cellular Networks
  • Infographics: Facts and Figures About Wireless
  • How Does My Device Learn to Transmit?: Applications with Wi-Fi Interfaces
  • Smartphones Are the Heart of the IoT
Wireless Applications Elektor TOC Sep/Oct 2022
Table of contents
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Sniffer: Hacking a makerdiary nRF52840 MDK USB Dongle
  • Bicycle Electrification: Hands-On with an E-Bike Retrofit Kit
  • Teensy 4.0: Why Is This Board So Fast?
  • Audio Power Amplifier Simulation with TINA: The Try-Before-You-Build Approach
  • Develop and Operate Your LoRaWAN IoT Nodes
  • A Fliege Notch Filter for Audio Measurements
  • CO2 Meter Teardown: Is It Hackable for Your Projects?
  • Round Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi: HyperPixel 2.1 Round from Pimoroni
  • Changing an OLED Interface from SPI to I2C
  • Magic RGB LED Cube: Hardware Design Around an RP2040
RGB Cube project
The RGB LED Cube.
  • Auto On/Off for Solder Paste Compressor
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer with Dekatrons: A New Way to Use Vintage Tubes
  • electronica Fast Forward Start- & Scale-Up Awards: Preparations Are Speeding Up!
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Multiplying Voltages
  • From Life’s Experience: Sidelines
  • Developer’s Zone: The Programmable Unijunction Transistor Explained
  • HomeLab Tours: A Hobby Does Not Retire
  • Elektor Ethics: A Decade of Ethics in Electronics
  • Elektor Video Content: Livestreams, Webinars, and Courses for Engineers and Pro Makers
notch filter project.
Notch filter project

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