Elektor's busy newsroom at Embedded World 2022 is a hub for reporting on new tech and talking to engineers about innovative embedded solutions. Over the past few days, our engineers and editors have met with dozens of engineers and industry leaders. Below is an update.

Note that the following videos and notes cover only a portion of what our onsite team is reporting about this week. Follow Elektor's social media pages — Twitter, Facebook — and check in at Elektor TV, our growing YouTube channel, for more Embedded World-related content. 
Elektor at Embedded world 2022

Catching Up with Eben Upton and Raspberry Pi

Mathias Claussen talked with Eben Upton (Founder, Raspberry Pi) about the global chip shortage, as well as the RP2040 and the Raspberry Pi Pico. "We are very, very focused on how we manage our customers through the situation for however long it takes," Upton said in repsonse to our question about how Raspberry Pi is navigating global component shortages and supply chain challenges. Watch the interview for more insights. 

A Look at Texas Instruments's BLE Chips

Want to learn about Texas Instruments's newest BLE device, the SimpleLink Bluetooth LE CC2340 wireless MCU? Mathias Claussen had a chance to talk with TI engineer Nick Smith at Embedded World 2022 about the new tech and the currently available boards. Watch the interview for additional details. 

Arm Solutions and Virtual Hardware Prototyping 

When it comes to microcontrollers, proprietary cores have fallen largely out of favor, and they have been replaced by technology from Arm. At Embedded World 2022, Elektor editor Stuart Cording had a chance talk with Mohamed Awad and to learn how Arm is supporting semiconductor vendors in bringing their microcontrollers to market faster through virtual hardware prototyping.

Connecting MCU Tech with WIZnet

Elektor editor Stuart Cording checked in with WIZnet to see what exciting solutions they had on display this week. "One of the key things, and interesting things, about microcontroller technology is connecting them, via Ethernet, via Wi-Fi," Cording noted in his chat with WIZnet engineer and marketing manager Viktor Shin. "And Wiznet have been busy for the last two years creating new boards based on the raspberry pi 2040." 

More to come ... stay tuned!