Interested in energy-harvesting wireless technology? Silicon Labs recently unveiled its inaugural wireless microcontroller tailored for energy harvesting. It also collaborated with Belgian PMIC supplier e-peas on shields for its development kit, eeNews Europe reported.
xG22E Explorer Kit for energy-harvesting wireless

New Energy-Harvesting Wireless Chips

The xG22E family marks Silicon Labs' debut in supporting low-power supplies from energy harvesting sources like solar and thermal. This family comprises the BG22E, MG22E, and FG22E models, offering support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), 802.15.4-based, or Sub-GHz wireless connectivity for both battery and battery-free designs, eeNews Europe explained.

To assist device manufacturers in constructing comprehensive energy harvesting solutions, Silicon Labs is collaborating with e-peas to jointly develop two energy harvesting shields for the energy-optimized xG22E Explorer Kit. The xG22E Explorer Kit empowers developers to tailor peripherals and debugging options to suit their applications, enabling precise measurements for optimal utilization of energy harvesting shields in building applications and devices.

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The energy-harvesting shields are tuned and optimized for different energy sources and energy storage technology, eeNews Europe reported. They are specifically designed to seamlessly fit onto the Explorer Kit. One shield harnesses the e-peas AEM13920 dual-harvester, enabling simultaneous extraction of energy from two sources, such as indoor or outdoor light, thermal gradients, and electromagnetic waves, all while maintaining high energy conversion efficiency. The other co-developed shield is built on the e-peas AEM00300, exclusively engineered for capturing power from sporadic pulsed energy sources.

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