Elektor Business Magazine is published six times a year. The first edition of 2017 is unequivocally linked to this year’s Embedded World event both in terms of content and timing of the publication. This edition of Elektor Business Magazine (68 pages!) has a heavy accent on embedded, microcontrollers and tools.

In this edition:

Our Business
On these platform pages homelabs and start-up companies open their workplace(s) exclusively to Elektor Business Magazine readers. In this edition: Voltera.
Talking Heads
Five experts answer pertinent questions.
Sparking contributions from industry analysts, business advisors, financial experts, fundraisers, and free thinkers. In this edition: SAS.
Whither, whence? Positive (and of course negative) facts and figures.
Elektor Business Store
Selected products for makers and start-ups.
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From Makers to Market using 96Boards
Many designers are using the community boards available in the market for their proof of concept and to evaluate their idea on a valid, working platform.
Server Based Solutions for Self-Organizing Networks
The evolution of networks across generations of evolving protocols has led to a complex mixture of deployed wireless systems.
Network Engine SoC Reference Design Realizes Development of 400-Gbps Communication Equipment
Through newly developed control IP and control software for their network search engine SoC, Renesas have strong cards to simplify its implementation into network equipment operating at speeds up to 400 Gbps.
Voltera V-One, a Desktop Prototyping Tool for Custom PCBs
If only hardware development was as fast paced as software development, just imagine how many more physical products could be contributing to the rise of our global economy! Good news: great strides can be made by prototyping PCBs right on the desktop and guess what, a machine to do just that is now available.
ByteSnap Design’s Industry Predictions for 2017
For the benefit of all start-ups and wannabees reading Elektor Business Magazine.
Loetronic: from the Garage up to Industrial Production
A long, long time ago... in this or similar ways, many stories start not only in films, but on occasion, company histories too.
In response to the need for ERP software tools, the company embedded projects initially searched for a Linux-based system that could be operated using a browser.
Intel Apollo Lake — ideal for industrial system designs
The new Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors, developed under the codename Apollo Lake, support the extended temperature range and offer real-time support.
Industrial Automation Systems
are getting smaller, yet require more performance and lower energy consumption.
Cut Development Time and Improve Flexibility with LPCXpert
In the age of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and networked systems, more and more new designs rely on microcontrollers. In most applications controllers will take care of communications between the sensors and the network or will control complex systems. One of the first tasks of the hardware designer is to choose a suitable microcontroller for the specific application and evaluate its architecture before work can begin on the rest of the system hardware.
The Business Case for Commercial Embedded Linux
Linux is now the predominant platform for devices, and for good reason.
Hubs Become Central to the IoT
Even before real systems are widely deployed, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rushing into a period of rapid evolution.