The 4th generation of miniature fanless PCs from Compulab and the folk behind Linux Mint is... (drumroll) MintBox Mini 2 (MBM2)!

Processing power comes from a quad-core Apollo Lake Celeron J3455, and MBM2 is supplied  with the Mint 19 ‘Tara’ Cinnamon installed.

“Linux Mint Cinnamon is considered by many as the most user-friendly desktop-oriented Linux distribution. MBM2 ships with clean Linux Mint Cinnamon so the buyer can start using Linux in minutes,” said Compulab. That does not preclude other Mint variants, or other Linux variants, or even Windows 10 (!), FreeBSD or a hypervisor like ESXi to be installed though,
The quick tech summary on MBM2:
  • 4 GByte RAM, (8 GByte in the ‘Pro’ version); ugradable to 16 GByte max.
  • M.2 2260 SATA SSD main storage; 64 GByte pre-installed (MBM2) or 120 GByte (Pro); both upgradable
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet; 802.11ac Wi-Fi (using external antennas); Bluetooth.
  • 4 USB ports (2x 3.0; 2x 2.0)
  • Video though HDMI and mini-DisplayPort for dual 4-K displays.
  • Audio jacks, micro-SD, RS232, programmable LEDs on front panel.

In terms of optional extensions for the MBM2, there is a FACET-Card (function and connectivity extension T-card), and ‘fitlet2’ accessories including
  • fit-Uptime miniature Li-ion UPS that can power MBM2 for up to 3 hours
  • fit-statUSB fingernail-size programmable USB multi-color LED indicator
  • fit-Headless family of products of display emulators for headless operation

Additional FACET-Cards are currently under development by Compulab, including a FACET-Card supporting 2x 2.5” HDD/SSD + M.2 SATA and a FACET-Card with an SFP+ port for optical LAN,” said Compulab.

Of each MBM2 sold, 5% is donated to Linux Mint.