Far out man! Jimi Hendrix Vaporizer has a micro inside

December 8, 2015 | 13:47
E-njoint's Jimi Hendrix 3in1 Vaporizer
E-njoint's Jimi Hendrix 3in1 Vaporizer
Despite a cloud of smoke I was able to read recently that Dutch company E-njoint and US company Purple Haze Properties recently signed a contract allowing E-njoint to produce “Jimi’s Vaporizer”. Based in Hollywood, Purple Haze Properties is run by Andrew Pitsicalis and Jimi’s brother Leon Hendrix.  The company claims to be the premier licensor of Jimi Hendrix products into the cannabis scene. Jimi’s Vaporizer is the next piece of art, which totally fits into Jimi’s Cannabis Collection.

Leon Hendrix states: My brother would be so proud of this art piece, I wish we could have vaped together, because we all know how much Jimi loved that beautiful flower.

A microprocessor-controlled heating chamber allows you to vape dried cannabis (“certain dry herbs”), wax or extracted oil. Three pre-programmed temperature settings are available: 187 °C (369 °F), 200 °C (393 °F) and 212 °C (414 °F). The micro allows easy one-button operation. After loading a basket you can start vaping in 30-40 seconds.

The structure of the E-njoint™ 3in1 Vaporizer with the heating chamber positioned as far away as possible from the exit allowing the hot vape to cool down as it is traveling through the vaporizer’s channel results in cooled concentrated CBD/THC vape. No flames, no tar, no ash, none of the toxic substances present in smoke of burned cannabis.

Jimi’s Vaporizer is uniquely packaged and comes complete with all conceivable accessories like a lanyard, cleaning set, an in-car charger, extra baskets, and even a 2600-mAh powerbank.

Jimi’s 3-in-1 Vaporizer will be available worldwide in January 2016 and especially for Jimi’s fans E-njoint decided to give a 20% pre-order discount till the end of 2015.

Sadly the makers could not comment on tech details Elektor readers want so badly. It is said though that chunks of source code, JTAG connectivity and the like should become visible in a purple haze and all along a watchtower after some use of the vaporizer.
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