Faraday Future’s EV factory -- day trip from Vegas?

April 20, 2016 | 08:47
Faraday Future’s EV factory -- day trip from Vegas?
Faraday Future’s EV factory -- day trip from Vegas?
I reported earlier on Faraday Future, an electrical vehicle startup with a high potential (pun intended) and looking poised to challenge Tesla. The news back then was FF’s 1 Khp EV. Now, the company has provided first glimpses to its intentions and capabilities of building  a manufacturing facility at Apex Industrial Park in Las Vegas, USA.

The $1 billion, 280,000 m2, development will create approximately 4,500 direct jobs over a 10-year period. The facility in North Las Vegas will be used to manufacture electric, technologically advanced vehicles. According to FF, it will be expansive in size and hire in roles such as manufacturing, engineering, communications and administrative.

Claiming to adhere to high environmental standards, FF says the materials for the facility structure would include the use of glass, steel, LED lighting and water-based paints. The company will harvest a combination of wind, solar and geo-thermal energies over time together with its local energy provider to help meet its clean energy goals.

As is customary with many new initiatives like the locomotive, market watchers are skeptical regarding the company’s ability to manufacture vehicles in high quantities. I’m slightly more optimistic and will report back when a batch of FFh cars leave the plant without pushing.  
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