First Integrated Reference Design for smart textiles

January 15, 2016 | 14:13
The 'e' in e-textiles is still hard to manage by textile manufacturers
The 'e' in e-textiles is still hard to manage by textile manufacturers
Back in June 2015, Jabil acquired Finland-based textile electronics manufacturer Clothing+. Developer of the first commercially available heart rate sensing shirt more than a decade ago, Clothing+ develops smart textile solutions for the sportswear, sports electronics, and the healthcare marketplace and brings a legacy of innovation that creates a considerable barrier to entry for competitors.

The Clothing+ solution offering includes support for smart textiles that measure everything from heart rate to bioimpedence (body mass), thermal, light, haptic (touch), and other requirements. Eventually, garments will go beyond just reading biometrics or environmental conditions, they will also be able to react to signals and changes in conditions. For example, clothing that can reduce body temperature or dispense medicine promise interesting new applications for smart textiles.

Textile manufacturers struggle to connect electronics to the equally complex e-textiles space. The Peak+ integrated solution developed by Jabil and Clothing+ is expected to brands go-to-market faster without the challenges of having to manage multiple vendor relationships and integrate disparate technologies.

Source:  “Jabil Steps Up Its Wearables Game with Clothing+” from Moor Insights & Strategy.
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