Samsung's Creative Lab (C-Lab) has been working on a pair of smart shoes that are designed to deliver real time coaching for golf and fitness. The IOFIT shoes are actually being built by Salted Venture, a spin-off startup from Samsung's experimental lab.

Designed for coaches (possibly excepting Louis van Gaal) as well as individuals, each shoe is packed with sensors in the outsole so there's no impact on the fit or comfort. That's also where you'll find the Bluetooth transmitter to send tracking data wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. Those motion and pressure sensors are able to measure force at multiple points, which combine to determine aspects like balance, weight shift, location of center of gravity, ground contact force and more.

For both shoes, users will be able to see data on step count, duration and distance. In real time, you'll also be able to see weight shift, feet pressure map, ground contact force and feet tempo.

The washable smart shoes should offer around 7 - 10 days battery life with support for wireless charging. The built-in battery also knows when the shoes are not in use to help preserve battery life.

The IOFIT golf shoes will be priced at $259, which will be discounted down to $199 from Feb 22 to March 10. The fitness shoe comes in a little cheaper at $199 with a similar discount during the same period letting you have them for just $149 — fitness club fees excluded.