In close cooperation with PRQA, Elektor is offering free downloading of three high-quality papers on how to create secure embedded software. After registration, all three papers become available as a PDF file.

Headquartered in the UK, PRQA has offices in the United States and customers across the globe. PRQA has pioneered software coding governance for critical software applications in industries ranging from the automotive to  aerospace, from transport to finance, and from medical devices to energy. PRQA promotes safe coding practices and wants to ensure the highest quality code for safety-critical and mission-critical systems.
As such, the company recently published three white papers. All three of them focus on the combination of embedded software and security.
Developing Secure Embedded Software - Quality Doesn’t Equal Security
Most organizations put considerable focus on software quality, but software security is different. Embedded development presents the challenge of coding in a language that is inherently insecure; and quality assurance does little to ensure security.  
Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Embedded Applications Using Best Practice Software Development Processes and Standards
Many embedded systems and ‘connected’ IoT products lack proper security due to outdated software development practices. Organizations now know they need to incorporate security into the software SDLC, yet many lack security expertise and are struggling with how to implement best practices.    
Using Static Analysis to Overcome the Challenges of Reusing Code for Embedded Software
This paper explains why software reuse is a growing problem within development organizations, why the way embedded software is developed needs to change and what organizations can do to improve reliability, safety, and security while reducing development time.
Anyone interested in these white papers can register here.