The Dutch operator Fastned, has opened its first vehicle fast-charging station in Germany capable of supplying up to 350 kW charge power for each vehicle under charge– that’s around 100 times more than you can safely draw from a standard 13 A mains outlet in the UK.

Fastned already operates 73 stations in the Netherlands. The operator aims to push further expansion into Europe and has now built its first charging station in Germany which looks pretty radical, built from eco-friendly wood and fitted with solar cells. By the end of the year, another 17 stations will be installed in Germany. Fastned's goal is to build a network of more than 1,000 fast-charging stations across Europe, thereby relieving the stress of range anxiety for long distance tourists getting about in Europe.
Fastned estimates that lower battery costs, more affordable vehicles and the wider uptake of city-centre congestion charges will quite soon persuade us to cut our reliance on oil-based fuels.  They are keen to be involved from the start, installing high-capacity charging facilities and growing the necessary infrastructure. In theory the increased recharging power available will allow vehicles to spend less time at the station but at the moment there are virtually no electric vehicles on the market that can actually accept this high level of energy outlined in the latest Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. Tesla uses its own proprietary system able to accept 145 kW charging power.

Fastned offers billing via charge card, bank card or credit card. According to Fastned all the power delivered is sourced from renewable solar and wind energy, that’s including the solar modules on the charging station roof (see picture). The new German fast-charging station is located on the A3 motorway in Limburg an der Lahn (exit Limburg-Süd) and has several 350 kW charging bays. That would theoretically be possible but according to other sources, the station can supply a total power of 350 kW so that works out at two 175 kW CCS bays with additional lower power of around 50 kW according to CCS, CHAdeMO along with normal AC outlets. With the holiday season just around the corner it’s reassuring to know that owners of EVs in the UK will be spoilt for choice when they take their vehicles aboard this summer.
Update: Fastned told us that they will be able to combine the 2 x 175 kW into 1 x 350 kW before Porsches "Mission E" arrives. This car will be able to take advantage out oft this power.