Hardware protection for the Raspberry Pi

March 18, 2016 | 22:37
Hardware protection for the Raspberry Pi
Hardware protection for the Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi has found an extensive range of applications these days. When the application requires secure communications, then the PiSec module can be of assistance with this. The PiSec is a protection module, which protects and encrypts all inputs and outputs of the Raspberry Pi via hardware.

The PiSec uses a True Random Number Generator which is used to generate safe, strong encryption keys and certificates. Internally it operates on a protected file system which uses an internal certificate to prevent unauthorized access. The processor makes use of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, which reduces the processor overhead and speeds up the verification process.

The standards that the PiSec is designed to are AES 256 – XTS and X.509 (for certificates). In addition the PiSec can automatically block access to the Raspberry Pi after a predefined number of unsuccessful attempts to gain access, which prevents brute force and DOS attacks.

PiSec can now be found at Kickstarter. More information from: http://secureraspberrypi.com.

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