We’ve been busy implementing a new business model at HighTechXL, which is why we paused the mentor program. We’ve now revamped the program, and are rolling out the new HighTechXL Mentor Community Program to our network.

‍HighTechXL began as a high-tech hardware startup accelerator. We scouted for startups around the globe who competed for a spot in our 3-month program. Along the way, they worked with mentors in the community to help them launch their companies.

‍We continue to work with high-potential high-tech startups, but now we focus on deep-tech startups. How do we do that?

‍With the support of Eindhoven Startup Alliance partners, we source patented technology from organizations like CERN, Nikhef, TNO and other corporate tech partners, scout for the most qualified talent and build a team around the technology to build a venture.

‍Now, the teams progress through a nine-month comprehensive venture-building program divided into three phases, which is why we need engaged mentors, lead mentors, expert mentors and advisory board members in various domains and at every phase of the program.

Mentors will choose one of the following KPIs, which are linked to strategic maturity phases of the startups:

• Technology

• Product

• Market

• Team & Reporting

• Business Model

• Finances

• Sustainability

• Supply Chain & Distribution

What’s in it for mentors:

• Opportunity to work with promising deep-tech startups

• Monthly mentor meetings for mentors to network with each other and engage with teams

• Mentor Community page on HighTechXL website with profiles of mentors

• Inclusion in our video series, 30 Seconds of Wisdom

• Mentor guest blogs

• Access badges to High Tech Plaza, Building 27

• Invitations to special events throughout the year

• Potential for consultancy work with startups, especially if they prove very helpful to startups at an early stage

We hope you will join the prestigious HighTechXL Mentor Community and position yourself in the center of the Eindhoven startup and tech ecosystem. Feel free to apply to become a mentor by filling out this form so we can assess your interest. expert.hightechxl.com