Home Automation on Elektor Projects

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Home Automation on Elektor Projects
Home Automation on Elektor Projects

Many electronics enthusiasts like to do home automation projects. The Elektor Bus series for instance that we ran in 2011 was hugely popular, so popular that we had to come up with a quick solution to handle the many reader requests and suggestions we received. Unfortunately, this solution was accessible only to a few selected people. To prevent such problems in the future we launched the Elektor Projects website, a platform designed for interactive project development where anyone can participate, contribute, discuss, suggest, comment, etc.


The Elektor Bus has now started migrating to Elektor Projects. Check out the next stop of the Bus, a C-library to facilitate the creation of new Elektor Bus applications and the spin-off Xmega Webserver Board.


But there is more home automation on Elektor Projects. Have a look at the Beagle Board based Elektor Home Control project. This project, done by two trainees at Elektor Labs, uses Ethernet to connect different pieces of hardware that can control various devices like motors, lighting, heaters and the like. All the project files are available for download. Note however that this particular project has not yet been tidied up by Elektor Labs.


Join Elektor Projects now and participate in great projects*. Have a peek inside Elektor’s kitchen and see what is brewing in Elektor Labs.


*You have to be an Elektor Plus or Digital member to be able to view and download project files.

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