Hardware developers frequently need reliable PCB prototypes and a fast turnaround assembly service. Belgium-based Eurocircuits addresses this demand. Elektor’s Technical Manager Clemens Valens interviewed Dirk Stans of Eurocircuits at Embedded World 2020, where the company presented itself as a full-service provider for PCBs including assembly. The event — which took place in Nuremberg, Germany — was one of the last industry trade-shows that took place before the widespread Covid-19 lockdowns began. 
Dirk Stans and Clemens Valens discuss PCB prototypes and more.
Dirk Stans interviewed at Embedded World 2020.

PCB Prototypes from Europe

At Embedded World 2020, Eurocircuits demonstrated its range of services and what it could do for the embedded engineer. During the interview with Elektor, Stans talked about Eurocircuits’s focus and the evolution of the PCB manufacturing process. “Our main focus lies on the hardware designer,” Stans emphasized. “And, of course, this service is always getting better and better, faster and faster, and accompanied with more and more tools.”
Stans also brought up an important issue facing the European electronics industry: the overdependence on supply from outside the European Union. What happens when there are supply issues in regions outside of Europe? How can European engineers continue prototyping quickly and affordably? Watch the video for the entire interview with Stans, who covers these topics and more.


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