IoT-ready: UMAL lasts longer than batteries

August 7, 2016 | 00:00
IoT-ready: UMAL lasts longer than batteries
IoT-ready: UMAL lasts longer than batteries
Murata, the company we all know from their coils and ceramic filters, claims its novel energy source called UMAL offers better lifecycle characteristics than conventional secondary batteries. The UMAL’s slim form factor and charge/discharge properties make it ideal for use in maintenance-free applications such as wireless sensor nodes and wearable designs, Murata says.

The UMAL has a nominal voltage of 2.3 V, can supply 12 mAh with a maximum discharge current of 120 mA and withstands load fluctuations. It has an internal resistance as low as 200 mΩ and can operate over the temperature range of –20 degrees C to +70 degrees C.

The nominal charge voltage is 2.7 V and the UMAL is capable of fast charging / discharge. In particular the device’s high-rate discharge characteristics mean that a peak-assist capacitor is not required. It also has a charge capacity recovery rate of over 90 % after 5,000 charging cycles. The product measures 2.0 x 14.0 x 21.0 mm.

The device is said to have a chemically stable composition that does not cause a fire or smoke hazard even if the output terminals are shorted.
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