LabNation SmartScope: unique multi-platform USB oscilloscope

June 9, 2015 | 11:06
LabNation SmartScope: unique multi-platform USB oscilloscope
LabNation SmartScope: unique multi-platform USB oscilloscope
The SmartScope designed by the young Belgian company LabNation is — to our knowledge — the only oscilloscope that works with all popular operating systems: Windows 7/8, Linux, OS X, iOS (jailbroken) and Android 4.0+. So the software can run on a standard PC or laptop, but also on a tablet or smartphone. The control interface is specifically designed to operate with touch-screen or mouse and is equipped with various software decoders (such as I2C and SPI) for decoding digital signals.

The Smart Scope hardware consists of a small metal housing (for good protection) with the front two full BNC connectors for analog inputs, and at the rear a 16-pin header which has 8 digital inputs for the logic analyzer. Four digital outputs and an output for the built-in arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) are available. The sampling frequency of the analog and digital inputs is 100 Msamples/s, the maximum data rate of the AWG is 50 Msamples/s.

The Smart Scope comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, such as two 60-MHz probes, connection cables for the digital inputs/outputs, measuring clips and a USB connection. For use with a tablet or smartphone a USB OTG adapter cable is required with an appropriate connector for the tablet/smartphone (which is not included).

A review of the SmartScope will appear in Elektor’s July & August 2015 edition. As a special service, the Editor has allowed the review to be put up for downloading here before it appears in print.

Since the SmartScope is so versatile and has such a good price/quality ratio, we’ve decided to make this instrument available via the Elektor Store. Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members receive 10% discount and pay only €206.10 (£149.95 / US $231) plus shipping.

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