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New book from Elektor: Design your own PC Voice Control System

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
New book from Elektor: Design your own PC Voice Control System
New book from Elektor: Design your own PC Voice Control System

This book details a project which will enable you to instruct your computer using your voice and get it to control electrical devices, tell you the time, get your share values, get the weather etc. and speak it all back to you in a natural human voice. It shows you the technology to interface with your computer using voice.


Also, you will find that in using voice as an interface your computer gains a novel persona of its own. On calling the name we gave our computer, the machine listens furtively, responding appropriately and politely acknowledging us using a preceding phrase we gave it.


This book guides you through practical speech recognition, speech annunciation and control of really useful peripherals, like the above.


Software is explained in depth and consists of short tasks in VB, Perl and XLM, interfacing with Microsoft SAPI and an extraordinarily human-like voice (which was purchased). Some software experience is desirable.


Control hardware consists of a low cost mains I/O relay solution which interfaces to the PC using USB and was purchased, although there is nothing to stop you developing your own solution. Some experience with wiring and soldering is desirable.


If you are interested in the practical technology of interfacing with machines using voice, such as talking with your own PC, then this book is your guide.


Note: Elektor subscribers can  benefit from a special limited-time offer (till October 14): a 13% discount on the regular price of Design your own PC Voice Control System plus free shipping and handling. What’s more, if you order other Elektor products at the same time, you receive free shipping on the entire order.


This new book is available in week 40 (October 3 - 9, 2011). Reserve your copy now!

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