“Why RadioControlli module?” Because it is a self-contained subsystem that utilizes a standard IC and includes several components required to realize a fully functioning Radiofrequency solution. This type of modules can include crystall oscillator, filters, inductors, capacitors, an antenna connection circuit, and an RF shield.  These modules are calibrated, they are all tested  and certified to the required standard (CE or FCC) .  We can recap all the benefits of a RadioControlli module in one sentence : "Time-to-Market Reduction".
Time-to-market Reduction
Using a RadioControlli module , the final device manufacturer can take products to market faster, so  the manufacturer has more time to develop more functions for the final product besides this process minimize the development's costs.
The activity of RF design is described by many as “black magic activity” because it is something that is impenetrable to all, but it is foremost for practitioners with a lot of expertise.  To build a RF design starting from a single IC a good RF design expertise is required.
Not every electronics company is able to make investments in research and development on the activities of RF projects. For this reason the use of RadioControlli module avoids a series of technical problems of functionality and development costs.
About the antenna connections it is very important to follow some rules to avoid the signal loss.
Using a RadioControlli module can reduce the risk associated with implementing RF functionality in a device.  There are no more risk about the testing, design,manufacture, or certification of the RF functions.
Furthermore, the complexity of the manufacture is reduced; it is no more indispensable  to manage many single components but only a simple single object (PCB standard based).
The module is already certified, so there is no need to re-test the new design if Using a pre-certified module.  
IoT Modules :
RC-CC1310-XXX         CC1310 Based
RC-CC1101-XXX         CC1101 Based
RC-CC3200                CC3200 Based
RC-SM1276-868         SX1276 Lora Based
RC-SPIRIT1-XXX         SPIRIT1 STMicroelectronics based
RC-S2LP-XXX             S2-LP  STMicroelectronics based
RC-CC1352R-XXX       CC1352R Based (currently under development, write us for information)