Vishay's new SiRA20DP power MOSFET has a maximum VDS of 25V with a relatively low gate charge of just 61nC and a typical channel resistance of less than 0.5mΩ at an applied gate voltage of 10V.

Further technical key features include its ability to handle peak current of 500 A for 100 μs and 100 A continuously. The parasitic diode can sink a peak current of 300 A and a continuous current of almost 100 A. The maximum channel on-resistance with a gate voltage of 10 V and an ID of 20 A is 580 μΩ. With a gate control voltage of just 4.5 V the channel on-resistance increases to 650 μΩ typical and 820 μΩ maximum.

The MOSFET has a footprint of 5x6 mm in an eight-pad SO-PowerPAK with a heat dissipation pad on the package underside. Typical applications include the control of medium power low voltage motors, high efficiency switching regulators, voltage transformers to supply low voltage rails for modern CPUs and synchronous rectification.